July 6th – 8th, 2011
Greifswald, Germany
Enviromental Genomics
Microbial Symbioses
Natural Products
Biotechnological Implications

Scope of the conference

The integration of microbial diversity research with state of the art functional genomics techniques enables us to assess the complexity of microbial dominated metabolic circles in marine ecosystems in a new dimension. The comprehensive analysis of the genomic diversity and activity of marine microorganisms is a key for a better understanding of unexplored microbial interactions in marine ecosystems. Advanced molecular biological methods to determine the theoretical genomic potential and the in situ expressed metatranscriptomes and metaproteomes of marine microbial assemblages allow for a detailed elucidation of specific microbial activities.

To discuss the implications of these techniques on our understanding of bacteria- mediated ecosystem functions will be a focus of this conference.

The cultivation-independent determination of the composition and function of marine microbial communities will broaden our understanding of ecophysiological activities and adaptations of microorganisms in marine habitats. In addition to that, this knowledge has also an enormous biotechnological potential. On the basis of detailed functional genome analyses of cultivable model bacteria, new environmentally relevant metabolic pathways and adaptation strategies, which are of biotechnological interest, can be explored. The conference will present recent results of these new research fields and discuss the potential of molecular methods for the discovery of new natural compounds from marine microorganisms.

Objectives of the conference

  1. Determination of the ecophysiological potential of marine microorganisms in specific marine habitats by environmental genomics
  2. Physiological analysis of complex marine microbial assemblages by metatranscriptome and metaproteome analyses
  3. Analysis of microbial-mediated ecosystem functions and specific adaptation strategies of marine model organisms
  4. The exploration of new natural compounds from marine microorganisms